Guillotine Operator - APS 2


  • Temporary positions. With working hours across hours between the hours 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday - Friday. Standard shift is 7.25 hours per day (excluding lunch). 
  • Dandenong South Victoria  
  • $31.63 per hour (including 20% loading) plus Super 
  • Various contract dates between 15 July 2021 and early October 2021 

About the Australian Bureau of Statistics

We are Australia’s national statistical agency. We aim to understand Australia’s data needs to inform important decisions about our nation’s future.

To learn more about the ABS visit here

About the Census

The Census of Population and Housing (Census) is run every five years and is one of the largest and important collections to count the number of people and houses in Australia. The Census collects information about where we live, age, our culture, religion, income, education, living and housing arrangements. The information is used to make important decisions, such as government funding, input into policy-making and electoral boundaries.

The next Census will be held on 10 August 2021. To learn more about the Census visit here

About the Census Data Capture Centre

The Census Data Capture Centre (DCC) located in Dandenong South, Victoria close to the suburb of Lynbrook is set up to process and capture data from all paper forms from the 2021 Census.  The DCC will employ about 200 temporary staff at the peak of its operation and will be a modern, flexible and diverse team-based work environment.

The DCC is in an industrial business park area of Dandenong South and comprises a combination of office and warehouse space.  There is free parking available both onsite and in the immediate vicinity.  Travel by public transport is limited, however the nearest bus stop is approximately a 7-minute walk away.

Data Capture Centre Operations include two operational streams:

  1. Warehouse – performed in the warehouse
  2. Scanning and Data Verification – performed in the warehouse and office


About the role

Guillotining is an essential data capture process as the glued bindings of a considerable number of paper forms/materials must be removed in preparation for scanning individual pages through scanning devices to capture data as stored images.  The output of the guillotine process is crucial to maintaining continuous scanner operation, and meeting Census deadlines.  Guillotine operators are a specialist role and will need to remove the glued bindings and changeover the blades for offsite sharpening and maintenance by an external provider. 

Guillotining forms part of the warehouse team which is responsible for the flow of paper materials that arrive from logistic providers and preparing these materials within tight timeframes so that data can be electronically captured.  The volumes of paper forms to be processed will be significant using a combination of manual and automated processes.

Within a shift, a guillotine operator will work part of the day on the guillotines, and the rest of the day working on other warehousing functions within the other warehouse teams ensuring the flow of paper materials through a series of mechanical and materials handling processes.

As a part of the warehouse team you will ensure the flow of paper materials through a series of mechanical and materials handling processes.

The role may at times be repetitive in nature and will require the flexibility to work across the following functions:

  • Guillotining: Census forms using guillotine machinery to cut the glued bindings to enable individual pages to be electronically scanned.  This work will be performed by experienced guillotine operators, but there may be opportunities to train other staff in guillotining
  • Materials Handling: Receiving mail deliveries from Australia Post and other logistics partners. Unloading and sorting mail, including looking for anomalous and suspicious mail in preparation for registration and managing return to sender information
  • Moving Materials: Forklifts will be used to move large materials from when they arrive at the DCC to warehousing. Note these are specialist roles that will be advertised separately.
  • Registration: operating commercial registration machinery to mark in mail received, including logging into and using an inventory control system
  • Letter Opening: operating commercial envelope openers and/or manual opening of some envelopes
  • Grooming: Removing mail from envelopes and streaming and sorting mail into set prioritised areas ready for guillotining. Scrutinise and prepare materials so they are ready for guillotining and scanning, including reviewing the quality of the form, removing materials that prevents data to be scanned accurately (e.g. correspondence, post it notes); and identifying any damage or issues that will inhibit successful scanning
  • Warehousing and Storage: Physical storage of materials within the warehouse and managing the flow of materials between various logistical processes including retrieval of forms if forms fail scanning. Operation of a wide range of machinery and equipment to perform tasks which may include, but not limited to, trolleys, pallet jacks, paper joggers, plastic wrapping, mail cages, etc.
  • Transcription: Forms that are damaged and cannot be scanned will need to be transcribed directly into the Census e-form system or onto a blank form
  • Correspondence and non-ABS Mail: Sorting correspondence for review and or managing non-ABS materials
  • Secure Destruction: Preparing Census materials for secure destruction (includes forms, envelopes, and other materials) under supervision
  • Warehousing: Storage of paper forms once data is captured and/or retrieval of forms if forms fail scanning. Operation of a wide range of machinery and equipment to perform tasks which may include, but not limited to, trolleys, pallet jacks, paper joggers, plastic wrapping, mail cages, etc.
  • Other: Other Data Capture Centre Operations duties as directed by a Team Leader/Supervisor.

Your qualities, experience and skills

Experience or demonstrated knowledge in:

  • Demonstrated experience in operating guillotines
  • Demonstrated attention to detail and a keen eye for accuracy
  • Proven ability in controlling workflow and achieving minimum daily cutting requirements
  • An ability to learn new processes and operate commercial and other machinery
  • An ability to work in a fast paced environment with high volumes of work and able to meet tight deadlines
  • Proven ability to work in and contribute to a diverse team environment with a focus on working collaboratively
  • Able to judge and apply instructions logically
  • Proven ability to work well under pressure
  • Strong resilience, flexibility, agility, highly motivated, reliable and a strong work ethic
  • Strong communication skills
  • Be safety focused
  • Previous experience in a fast-paced warehouse operation is desirable
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Ability to undertake basic maintenance and cleaning of equipment and machinery

Eligibility and essential positions requirements

To be eligible for this position you must meet the requirements listed below:

  • Be an Australian citizen at the time of applying or have the legal right to work in Australia. Evidence will be required during pre-employment screening
  • Undergo pre-employment checks, such as a police records check, and health clearance
  • As data provided by the public in Census forms is highly confidential, a strong commitment to uphold a high standard of data confidentiality is essential for the role
  • Able to stand and work on your feet for most of your shift and an ability to navigate stairs. There are no lifts in the building and stairs are used to move between 2 levels of the building
  • Capacity to manually handle materials up to 15 kilograms (including twisting, lifting, and bending, use of pallet jacks and hand trolleys for loads of up to 300 kilograms)
  • An ability to understand Work Health and Safety issues in warehouse operations and comply with Work Health and Safety standards, including working with guillotines and manual handling processes
  • An ability to understand and comply with ABS policy and guidelines and APS Values and APS Codes of Conduct
  • The ability to work additional hours (if required), move quickly between processes and tasks, and work in a busy, high volume environment with tight deadlines.

Hours and availability

  • Work will be rostered on a shift work basis between the hours of 7.00 am to 6.00 pm. A standard shift is 7.25 hours of duty per day (excluding lunch)
  • Shift preferences will be considered as part of rostering
  • Overtime may be available outside of standard operating hours, including weekends during peak periods
  • Availability will be taken into consideration when filling these vacancies. Due to the nature of the work, these positions are not suited to those already working full-time
  • These roles have staggered start dates across the term of the contract
  • Opportunities for contract extensions may be possible but are not guaranteed

Health and Safety

The ABS is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for its workers and to make every effort, where reasonably practicable, to eliminate or minimise risks associated with ABS operations, including risks relating to COVID-19.
DCC Officers must exercise duty of care while at work by:

  • Taking reasonable care for their own health and safety including participating in compulsory rest and stretch activities
  • Use assigned personal protective equipment as directed
  • Taking reasonable care that their actions or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of others
  • Complying, so far as they are reasonably able to, with any reasonable instruction given by the ABS to allow the ABS to comply with Work Health and Safety laws
  • Monitor and implement Work Health and Safety procedures to ensure a safe and healthy workforce.

We strongly encourage potential candidates to consider the job description, and the inherent duties of the role and whether it suits your individual circumstances and health when deciding to apply for the role.

Employment conditions 

The terms and conditions of your employment are in accordance with the Australian Bureau of Statistics Enterprise Agreement 2019.

Key things to note are:

  • You will be paid a loading of 20% on top of the base hourly rate, in lieu of paid leave and payment for public holidays (where you are not rostered to work)
  • Training will be provided on commencement and will cover all aspects of the roles including machinery, systems, procedures, manual handling and Work Health and Safety processes 
  • How to apply

    For further information about this position or to apply, please visit

    For any other queries, please contact Adecco Census Recruitment Team on 1300 233 445 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.